How to make Marwari biddi or Marwari special chapati (Rajasthan specialty)?

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By Ruchi
How to make Marwari biddi or Marwari special chapati (Rajasthan specialty)?

Well here biddi doesnot mean cigarete, that is just a name given because of its appearance. Yess they are folded and looks like a biddi or cigarette and it's totally healthy and cute too, we can definitely say that. This is something very special from the deepest roots of rajasthan as I have a strong link to marwar I know it's real place and value for marwari cuisine.
These are thin and one side cooked chapati easy and delicious. Believe me once eaten you will more and more as they are thin, short and tasty.


  • Wheat flour or Atta 2 cups
  • Salt as per taste
  • Ghee two tablespoons
  • Ghee to apply


  1. First of all take a high hipped platter and knead a dough by mixng atta, salt, ghee and adding water to it.
  2. Now take two very small one spoon sized loi and apply ghee on one side of both.
  3. Then join them from the ghee applied side to make a single loi
  4. Now as the ghee is in this made up loi of two lois you have to apply flour on the sides of this loi and roll a round chapati like a normal loi.
  5. If you loose the separatedness of two lois please open the rolled chapatis and apply more ghee in them so that they can be easily separated later after cooking to make biddis.
  6. Now as this will be very thin due to small lois we took, they have to be cooked over tawa only, so heat griddle or tawa(non-stick preferrable) on a medium flame and place the chapati over this.
  7. Now try to cook this over tawa only and if you are not able to for any reason you can cook this over gas flame too.
  8. Cook both sides and remove from tawa or gas. Now as shown in figure above you need to separate the chapati and apply ghee on the raw look side.
  9. Fold the chapati in half and roll it like a cigarette or biddi. That is why we call them biddi.
  10. Serve hot and enjoy.