How to make Marwari ghee roti or Battiye?

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By Ruchi
How to make Marwari ghee roti or Battiye?

Marwari is the term used for many businessmen but it is really an adjective only in real this is a tag for the people belongs to marwar which was found by rathore house of rajputs in Rajasthan near jodhpur, you can say it includes nagaur, jodhpur area mainly.
So in this recipe we are going to make a Rajasthani flat bread which is known as battiye as this is inspired by batti. Battiya are filled with ghee like batti and made over tawa only not over the flame although you can make this over flame but that is only for your convenience.
This is also one of fat rich flatbread as this is made by filling ghee, but this can be eaten in daily life as people in marwar are very hardworking so they digest these kind of dishes or flatbreads there very easily.
A little ghee is an essential for a body in daily life so this is good for health after being rich in fat.


  • Wheat flour or Atta 2 cups
  • Salt as per taste
  • Ghee two tablespoons
  • Ghee to fill and apply


  1. First of all take a high hipped platter and knead a dough by mixng atta, salt, ghee and adding water to it.
  2. Now roll a round chapati and brush this with good amount of ghee now fold it from all sides leaving a gap in between making it pentagon or hexagon in shape. Keep in mind that you have to aplly ghee in every fold to make a thin layer of ghee in them.
  3. Now you will get a pentagon or hexagon loi only which you have to roll again.
  4. Roll it again donot worry about spilling of ghee and it get stick over rolling pin or belan or anywhere, as it is worth the taste we will get atlast.
  5. Heat a skillet or tawa and keep it on a medium flame. Now place the rolled battiya over tawa, keep in mind the side where we left gap by making folds should not face tawa.
  6. When one side is half or more cooked turn it and wait for it to get cooked. When this side is completely cooked turn it again and aplly ghee on the half cooked side we left.
  7. Now turn it for one more time when it is cooked and remove from flame in some seconds.
  8. Battiya is ready, eat battiya with any veggies as this is also maid instead of chapatis too sometimes.
  9. They are best when served hot.