How to make Tea Best in taste?

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By Ruchi
How to make Tea Best in taste?

What could possibly be the answer when we are talking about world's best and hottest drink. It's tea definitely. One solution to every problem escpecially in Asia and specially in India then. Whenever there is a problem like mood off, headache, fever, etc. people prefer to drink tea as a mood recreater.

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  • ginger 1 inch
  • cardamom 1 piece
  • tea leaves 1 1/2 teaspoon
  • sugar 2 tablespoon
  • milk 1 cup full fat
  • water 1 1/2 cup


  1. Take a tea pan and add one and half cup water to it.
  2. In a mortar pestle first crush cardamom and add to water.
  3. Now in the mortar pestle add ginger and crush it properly like a paste. Add this to the water in the tea pan.
  4. Now place the pan on the burner and let it come to boiling point. When it starts to boil simmer the gas.
  5. Add one and half teaspoon tea leaves to the solution.
  6. Let the water solution be somewhat less by simmering it for one or two minutes. as we are making tea for two serving so half cup water should evaporate during whole process.
  7. Now add one cup milk to this. try adding two-three spoons extra as some of the tea is absorbed in the tea leaves too and some get evaporate while we let it boil for a good taste.
  8. After adding milk the solution will become calm not so boiling (if it not hot milk). If you donot have full fat milk then replace half cup water with milk for low fat milk.
  9. After a while when the solution starts to boil again add sugar according to taste. And let it boil for three waves to come up and down while stirring on every wave.
  10. Now switch off the flame after third wave and sieve the tea in two cups while discarding the tea leaves, cardamom and ginger paste left in the sieve.
  11. Serve the tea hot for best taste and effect.

You can serve tea with biscuits/ cookies as this is the preffered combination in daily routine. Click for our next recipe for healthy and tasty homemade cookies.Tea can be served with bhujia, samosas and kachori if you are a spicy and salty lover. Prathas, vada and fritters can also be eaten with tea very fondly.