How to make Aam Panna or raw mango punch or Ambi drink?

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By Ruchi
How to make Aam Panna or raw mango punch or Ambi drink?

Aam Panna is an Indian drink renowned for its heat resistant properties. It is made from green mangoes and it is used as a tasty and healthy beverage to fight against the intense Indian summer heat. Apart from being tasty this drink also looks good due to its refreshing light green colour. Green Mango is a rich source of pectin, which gradually diminishes after the formation of the stone. Unripe mango is sour in taste because of the presence of oxalic, citric and malic acids. Aam panna which is prepared using raw mangoes, sugar and an assortment of spices is an effective remedy for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It also quenches thirst and prevents the excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron during summer due to excessive sweating. This drink is mainly consumed in the Northern part of the India and is considered beneficial in the treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders. This drink is also a good source of vitamin B₁ and B₂ and contains sufficient quantity of niacin, and since it is prepared from raw mangoes it is an excellent source of vitamin C also. Aam Panna is also considered as a curative for blood disorders because of its high vitamin C content.


  • Raw mango or Ambi 2 piece
  • Black salt 1/2 tablespoon
  • Sugar 1 1/2 cup
  • Roasted cumin powder 1/4 tablespoon
  • Black pepper powder 1/4 tablespoon
  • Cardamom powder 1/4 tablespoon

For garnishing:

  • White salt 1 tablespoon
  • Red chilli powder 1 tablespoon
  • Dry mint leaves 4-5 pieces


  • First of all wash the raw mangoes and then peel off them. Chop the raw mangoes into medium pieces.
  • Now in a pan take two cups water and add chopped raw mangoes.
  • Wait upto when water becomes boiling and then simmer the gas. Stir the solution ocassionally and add more water if required in between. Do this upto when mangoes become meshy and soft.
  • After that switch off the gas and keep the solution aside for about 30 minutes to cool down.
  • Now put the solution in a blender and put all spices alongwith it. Also add the sugar to this too.
  • Now close the lid and blend the mixture very well. When sugar get dissolved remove the solution from blender in a glass jar.
  • Aam panna concentrate (puree) is ready and can be stored in refrigerator.
  • Now in a plate take one tablespoon white salt and one tablespoon red chilli powder, mix them very well so that a colorful combination can be seen.
  • For serving take tall glasses rub half cut lemon on the linning of the glasses and put them upside down on the plate which have mixture so that mixture sticks to the glasses and a good white and red line over the glasses' linning can be seen.
  • Add ice cubes to the glasses, add two to three tablespoons of aam panna puree to each glass. Now add water over it ( add chilled water to make it very chilled or normal water for a cool one as we have added ice cubes here)
  • Take 4-5 leaves of dry mint and crush them with hands. Sprinkle this over each glass.
  • Stir each glass solution and serve well.

Benefits of Aam Panna:

  • Prevents heat stroke
  • Cools down whole body
  • Homemade punch free of soda and other chemicals
  • Good for digestion
  • Solves digestion ailments
  • Helps in promoting mood while mood swings